Flip My Life

More than a Home Makeover Show . . .

In the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, a unique project is taking shape, one that goes beyond the typical home renovation show. “Flip My Life,” a web series created by Memphis media veteran Marybeth Conley and her husband Rick Woodall, a building contractor, is a mission for restorative justice that aims to transform both houses and lives.

The Rest of the Story

The series, which premiered on YouTube on November 9th, 2023, consists of 10 episodes, with new ones dropping weekly. But “Flip My Life” is not just about renovating houses. It’s about giving individuals who need a second chance, particularly those returning to their communities from prison, a fresh start.

The couple’s goal is to take houses off the tax rolls and renovate them for people who are working to redeem their lives. The series tells the stories of these individuals, good people who have made mistakes and are now striving to make amends and rebuild their lives.

Marybeth Conley, a beloved figure in the Memphis media market for 37 years, recently retired from her role as co-anchor of Live at 9 on WREG-TV to embark on this new venture with her husband. Their project is a testament to their commitment to their community and their belief in the power of second chances.

“Flip My Life” is more than a show; it’s a mission for change, one house at a time. By renovating abandoned houses and sharing those properties with individuals who need a second chance, Conley and Woodall are not just transforming physical spaces; they’re helping to transform lives.
Stay tuned for the ongoing journey of “Flip My Life,” a project that promises to bring about positive change in the Memphis community, one house and one life at a time.

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